It’s absolutely disheartening to read about the tragic incident that occurred at the Wal-Mart in Nassau County, New York this past friday. Apparently in all the black friday frenzy, deal hungry shoppers trampled over a Wal-Mart employee when he opened the doors at 5 a.m. I understand the excitement of the hunt for low-priced deals but it’s scary to see how people can lose control of themselves over some cheap electronics. We as a people need to find better perspective on the holiday season and try to do something more positive than simply trying to purchase more things for ourselves. Take for example a new donation program called the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry. Sears has set up a special website where you can donate money to help fulfill holiday wishes for 30,583 military families. The site also features special stories on a number of participating military families along with their personal wish lists. Another nice touch is the opportunity to post your own messages of support for the military service members and their families to read. Please note that the donations made to the Wish Registry will not be tax deductible and all contributions will be equally distributed among participating families as Sears Gift Cards. Let’s do something positive this holiday season and honor those that serve and protect our country by contributing to the Sears Heroes at Home donation program today!!