freebie apps for the new laptop

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new laptop
Like a great many people this Christmas, I got a brand new laptop to play around with. With prices so low this past holiday season, it was pretty much a “no-brainer” in purchasing one. and besides, we’ve had our old HP laptop for over four years now so we were long overdue in replacing it. We are now proud owners of a 17″ widescreen HP model with 4 gigs of RAM and a 320 gig hard drive. Like most models, mine didn’t come with a lot software so I’ve been spending the last few days downloading free apps online to get my new laptop up to snuff. Why spend hundreds of dollars on new software when there are tons of great freeware available online, right? Here’s what I’ve found so far. Feel free to let me know what your personal favorites are.

Firewall: Comodo Firewall Pro - the built in firewall in the router just isn’t enough nowadays so this freebie is highly recommended.

Anti-virus: AVG Anti-Virus - Why pay $60 or more for virus protection when AVG does an effective job at absolutely no cost?

Anti-spyware: Spybot Search and Destroy - I hate spyware so this app is definitely a must. the app is recommended by all the popular computer magazines.

Office Suite: a limited trial offer for Microsoft Office came with my new PC. But I’m not shelling out hundreds of dollars for the full version! are you kidding me?? I’m simply going to download IBM Lotus Symphony 1.2 for free. The software suite has all the necessary capabilities found in Office including word processing, spreadsheets and creating/editing presentations. now that’s what I call value!

Photo Editing Software: Paint.Net v. 3.3.6 - Yes, PhotoShop would be nice but it simply costs too much. Thankfully there’s a free alternative with

other essentials: Mozilla Firefox, Audacity, Skype, Notepad++ and VLC Media Player.

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the grinch stole my christmas

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I think I can pinpoint exactly when the grinch stole Christmas from me this year. It was when I had to fork over almost $6000 to replace our broken down heating system in my house last week. yup. there’s no question about it. It definitely ruined it for me.


..I guess I should be thankful that the outside temps weren’t all that cold during those days we didn’t have heat in the house. the operative word being *should*. :P

mmm, mongolian

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mmm, mongolian!
I love mongolian barbeque! so much so that I have to keep away from the local eatery for months at a time or face the consequences. I know it’s not healthy for me especially since it’s spicy and very high in salt. but my God, it tastes so good. Everytime the wife and I go, we end up overeating. not good. and I swear the local mongolian joint adds something “extra” to make it so addictive. After a bit of christmas shopping recently, the wife and I stopped by to grab some on our way home. Man, it has been a while since we had mongolian. It has been probably a year since we last been. but it was just like we remembered. oh so spicy and oh so good. Will I be able to stay away from the mongolian goodness for another year? we’ll see..

oh, Christmas tree!

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christmas tree lotIn keeping with our yearly tradition, we took the kids to our favorite local tree lot this weekend to pick out our Christmas tree. Personally, I’m not exactly in the “Christmas spirit” just yet even with all the Christmas gift shopping and all the merry Christmas music on the radio. But since I’m a lifelong procrastinator, I guess it’ll *kick in* at the last minute. but for now, all I have to say is “bah-humbug“. :P

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