Jon & Kate plus 8 - The New House

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I haven’t been watching much of Jon and Kate Plus 8 lately but I made sure to tune in last night to get a glimpse of their 1.3 million dollar McMansion that they recently purchased in Wernersville, PA. My goodness, what a huge house. It’s absolutely wonderful that the kids get to live in such a fabulous place which includes a pool and a ton of space to run around and play outside in the yard without nosy neighbors and other gawkers to worry about. But instead of being thankful and happy about the wonderful house, all we see during the episode is Kate constantly complaining about the dirt, the mess and the time it’ll take to clean up the place.

come on, get real! You mean to tell me that you can afford (OK, most likely TLC purchased the house for them) this behemoth of a house but won’t pay to get the place professionally cleaned??? aww, give me a break!

and what is up with Jon and Kate forbidding the kids from ever entering their bedroom??? A “house rule” is one thing but to tell their kids they’ll be severely punished if they ever set foot in their parents’ bedroom sounds a bit extreme if you ask me.

and you may have noticed that they didn’t broadcast a good view of the new property besides a few glimpses of the rooms, the barn and the “outhouse”. So I thought I’d post a few wideshot photos of their new Wernersville property that have been floating around the blogosphere.

the jon and kate mcmansion

Kate Gosselin quote of the day - “All mine, as far as I can see”.

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a snow day!

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It actually snowed here yesterday! Can you believe it? approximately 4 to 5 inches worth. that’s the most we’ve had in the area in YEARS! Yes, I know that “snow” is a non-event up north but it’s a rare and celebrated occasion here in the south! the kids had a blast playing in it all day. And since us southerners aren’t equipped to drive in snow, I had the day off from work. Normally, I’d welcome the chance to stay home but sadly, it’s not a good time for me to not go in. I’ve got tons of stuff to do at work. argh. I’m so behind! But at least it gave me the opportunity to watch the Inauguration live on TV.
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my Obamicon!

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In honor of the Inauguration, I thought I’d post my own version of Shepard Fairey’s iconic poster of Barack Obama during his 2008 campaign. Paste Magazine recently launched an online app that makes it quick and easy to produce a customized version of the poster. It’s a lot of fun and I couldn’t help myself and posted multiple versions. Post your own at Obamicon.Me. If you do end up posting one, please add a comment here so that we can all see it. :)

man, this is history in the making! Can’t you just feel the excitement?

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keeping up appearances

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the old camcorderthe dilemma for today- Do I take my eight year old video camcorder to my son’s middle school orchestra concert this week or not? In the past, I’ve always scoffed at other parents at public gatherings that lug around outdated, overly-large video equipment but nowadays, my JVC mini-DV camcorder appears pretty outdated and cumbersome compared to the newer, flash-based models. and you know how judgemental these school parents can be. *Yes*, I shouldn’t really care what other people think of me but being around these affluent, white-bread, blonde, thin and tall moms & dads sporting the latest duds and driving shiny Beemers and Land Rovers are really *getting* to me lately. I’m already at a disadvantage (in their eyes) since I’m asian but then to lug around outdated equipment just confirms their suspicions, right? hhhmmmm, do I need help or what?

Action AllStars

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Now that my oldest son is spending an increasing amount of time online, I’ve been seeking out kid-friendly websites for him to visit and use. Like most parents, we limit the time he’s online and regularly monitor the sites he surfs to. One fun and easy to use website I recently encountered is tailor-made specifically for kids. The site is where kids can play virtual sports-related games like basketball, football and baseball. And since it’s for kids, the site is safe and is even associated with online safety resource site
my humdrum avatarRegistration is free so I went ahead and signed up to see if it’s worth letting my son get involved with the community. The first thing you get to do is create a personalized avatar. Here’s mine named “humdrum”. Once fully registered, you get to used your virtual-self to participate in a game of basketball, football, baseball or even skateboarding. The graphics are nicely done and the gameplay is pretty typical of online games. More importantly though is the fact that kids can learn more about the sport as they play it on the site. And as a parent, I really like the fact that the virtual environment is geared toward good, clean fun with none of the violence you often see with other online shoot ‘em up type games. It’s also reassuring to know that Action AllStars is currently partnered with sports *big-wigs* and You pretty much know when you see Major League Baseball or the National Basketball Association involved with something that it’s definitely legit. I’m glad I got a chance to test out the website and will be placing a bookmark on his browser’s favorites list.

sending the Nintendo Wii for repairs

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Well, I guess I should be glad this sort of thing happened within the first year of when I bought the darn thing. But it’s still a bit dissappointing. You see, our Nintendo Wii is having trouble ejecting discs. You can hear the motor trying hard to get the disc out but ends up failing to do so. I would have to try multiple ways to get a game disc out including turning the unit off, hitting the reset button etc. Eventually I can get the game out but I think there’ll be a point when a game disc will end up permanently stuck in the system. So, I called Nintendo customer support last night and since the unit is less than a year old, they’ll service it for free. They are sending me a postage paid mailing label and I’ll just have to box up the unit and send it to their service center via UPS. The hard part is explaining to the kids they’ll be without a Wii for a good two weeks or so. :(

Mega Brands MagNext iCoaster

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One of the hot gift items this past holiday season was the Mega Brands MagNext iCoaster. After seeing one set up at his friend’s house earlier last year, my seven year old son placed the 64-piece magnet building set immediately on the top of his Christmas list. After creating different track designs and seeing the magnetic balls zip around the tracks first hand, I can now see why my child went head over heels for the iCoaster. The set comes with a booklet with designs for 10 different layouts but once you get the hang of putting the pieces together and seeing what works, coming up with your own designs is when the real fun begins. and as a parent, I’m all for toys that give children the opportunity to be creative and utilize their problem solving skills. Stimulating the mind is so important at this age and so the process of building, tearing down and creating new designs really help in this regard. And with all the towers, flashing lights, sound effects and magnetic elevators, my son will be fascinated with this building set for a good long while. So, from what I’ve seen this past week, the iCoaster is definitely money well spent. As a matter of fact, the whole line of Mega Brands MagNext toys go highly recommended in this household.

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