Now that my oldest son is spending an increasing amount of time online, I’ve been seeking out kid-friendly websites for him to visit and use. Like most parents, we limit the time he’s online and regularly monitor the sites he surfs to. One fun and easy to use website I recently encountered is tailor-made specifically for kids. The site is where kids can play virtual sports-related games like basketball, football and baseball. And since it’s for kids, the site is safe and is even associated with online safety resource site
my humdrum avatarRegistration is free so I went ahead and signed up to see if it’s worth letting my son get involved with the community. The first thing you get to do is create a personalized avatar. Here’s mine named “humdrum”. Once fully registered, you get to used your virtual-self to participate in a game of basketball, football, baseball or even skateboarding. The graphics are nicely done and the gameplay is pretty typical of online games. More importantly though is the fact that kids can learn more about the sport as they play it on the site. And as a parent, I really like the fact that the virtual environment is geared toward good, clean fun with none of the violence you often see with other online shoot ‘em up type games. It’s also reassuring to know that Action AllStars is currently partnered with sports *big-wigs* and You pretty much know when you see Major League Baseball or the National Basketball Association involved with something that it’s definitely legit. I’m glad I got a chance to test out the website and will be placing a bookmark on his browser’s favorites list.