the old camcorderthe dilemma for today- Do I take my eight year old video camcorder to my son’s middle school orchestra concert this week or not? In the past, I’ve always scoffed at other parents at public gatherings that lug around outdated, overly-large video equipment but nowadays, my JVC mini-DV camcorder appears pretty outdated and cumbersome compared to the newer, flash-based models. and you know how judgemental these school parents can be. *Yes*, I shouldn’t really care what other people think of me but being around these affluent, white-bread, blonde, thin and tall moms & dads sporting the latest duds and driving shiny Beemers and Land Rovers are really *getting* to me lately. I’m already at a disadvantage (in their eyes) since I’m asian but then to lug around outdated equipment just confirms their suspicions, right? hhhmmmm, do I need help or what?