I haven’t been watching much of Jon and Kate Plus 8 lately but I made sure to tune in last night to get a glimpse of their 1.3 million dollar McMansion that they recently purchased in Wernersville, PA. My goodness, what a huge house. It’s absolutely wonderful that the kids get to live in such a fabulous place which includes a pool and a ton of space to run around and play outside in the yard without nosy neighbors and other gawkers to worry about. But instead of being thankful and happy about the wonderful house, all we see during the episode is Kate constantly complaining about the dirt, the mess and the time it’ll take to clean up the place.

come on, get real! You mean to tell me that you can afford (OK, most likely TLC purchased the house for them) this behemoth of a house but won’t pay to get the place professionally cleaned??? aww, give me a break!

and what is up with Jon and Kate forbidding the kids from ever entering their bedroom??? A “house rule” is one thing but to tell their kids they’ll be severely punished if they ever set foot in their parents’ bedroom sounds a bit extreme if you ask me.

and you may have noticed that they didn’t broadcast a good view of the new property besides a few glimpses of the rooms, the barn and the “outhouse”. So I thought I’d post a few wideshot photos of their new Wernersville property that have been floating around the blogosphere.

the jon and kate mcmansion

Kate Gosselin quote of the day - “All mine, as far as I can see”.

God, I can’t stand that ungrateful woman. and don’t get me started on that hairstyle of hers. blech.

oh, and showing that they have such a huge new house on national television while thousands of people are currently being laid off each week is in poor taste in my opinion. J&K are in for a huge backlash now.