Welcome to DLee.us: The Ridiculously Mundane and the oh so Humdrum!

What initially started out as a family photo site back in 2001 eventually evolved over the years into a blog about my family. and now in the past year or so it became just your usual blog about anything and everything. basically whatever catches my fancy. some posts may bore you to tears but hey who knows i may surprise you every now and again. Feel free to look around and leave a comment or two. or three. Thanks for stopping by.
-Daniel Lee


the DLee.us FAQs

who’s Daniel?
a thirty something family man with three boys, a loving wife and an overused minivan living in a house on a cul-de-sac somewhere in the midst of denial in the wonderful state of north carolina.

so why keep a blog?
simple. to share various thoughts and experiences with others. to express things here in words that i don’t have any other outlet for. to vent, rant, rave. to share the love, accomplishments, the ups and downs with friends and fellow bloggers.

what are your favorite movies?
Mulholland Drive, Kill Bill, Memento, Lost in Translation, There’s Something About Mary, Leon the Professional, Army of Darkness, Secretary, Dumb and Dumber, Raising Arizona, Brazil, The Classic, My Sassy Girl, Marriage is a Crazy Thing, Big Fish, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Japanese Story, About a Boy, Bend it Like Beckham, 3- Iron

your favorite albums of all time?
Skylarking by XTC, Alpha by Asia (got some of my drum chops early on from this album), Flowers in the Dirt by Paul McCartney (my fav macca album), Crowded House by Crowded House (neil finn - songwriter extraordinaire), Big Generator by Yes, Mosaic by Wang Chung (mainly due to the genius of producer Peter Wolf!), Reckless by Bryan Adams (inspired me to learn the guitar and do the guitar-slinger pose as a young teen), New Season by Israel and New Breed (the rhythm section just blew my mind), Carry the Call by Danny Chambers (i’m still in awe of what Lincoln Brewster did on the guitar on this album), Never Gonna Stop by Tommy Walker, Who’s Afraid of the Art of Noise (i didn’t know an album could be like this. musical pioneers of it’s time period), How to be a Millionaire by ABC (this is *so* 1985. i love it), Revolver and Abbey Road by the Beatles.

‘High Fidelity’ by Nick Hornby, ‘This Present Darkness’ by Frank E. Peretti, ‘The Battle of Brazil’ by Jack Mathews, ‘The Heart of the Artist’ by Rory Noland, ‘How Does Apsirin find a Headache and other imponderables’ by David Feldman, ‘The Heat Goes On (the authorized Asia Biography)’by Dave Gallant, ‘Purpose Driven Life’ by Rick Warren, ‘Get Clark Smart’ by Clark Howard, ‘Atomic Wedgies, Wet Willies, & Other Acts of Roguery’ by Greg Tananbaum and Dan Martin, ‘Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way’ by Bruce Campbell, ‘From ABBA to Zoom: A Pop Culture Encyclopedia of the Late 20th Century’ by David Mansour and ‘Teen Angst: A Celebration of Really Bad Poetry’ compiled by Sara Bynoe, A Dream Goes on Forever by Billy James, XTC: Chalkhills and Children by Chris Twomey, The Beatles Anthology

your all time favorite concerts?
Genesis (invisible touch tour), Billy Joel (The Bridge Tour), Yes (Big Generator), Sting (Nothing Like the Sun Tour), Out of the Grey (two times), Brent Bourgeois, Paul McCartney (two times), The Indigo Girls opening for the Violent Femmes, The Indigo Girls (at the cat’s cradle), George Winston, Journey (two times), Heart, Cheap Trick, Chicago, Hall and Oates

How do I go about contacting you?
Please use the contact page.