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08 April 2003

The Ring

Just to see what the hubbub was all about, Elaine and I rented the Ring. OK, i admit, it was more me than her. She's not really into movies of this genre but she relented after i went through this whole spiel on how the movie has gotten glowing reviews and how folks from all over are saying it's the best since Sixth Sense etc. (...probably gave in just to shut me up!) Anyway, i thought it lived up to the hype. It was pretty creepy and held the suspense through most of the movie. And the little twist at the end is 'classic'. i loved it. And of course Naomi Watts does a great job in this movie. i've been on the Naomi Watts bandwagon since seeing her performance in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive. She's a keeper. The movie did it's job - i had a rough time getting to sleep after watching the film. images of Samara, the well, drowning horses and the 'mysterious woman in the mirror' lingered in my head for most of the night. creepy stuff. Kudos to Gore Verbinski for making a terrific flick. I might have to catch the original japanese version, Ringu sometime in the future.....(any ideas on how to convince Elaine on letting me rent that one?)
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07 April 2003

you can call me.... da godfadda...

well, i'm back. had a nice time over in virginia beach. Perfect weather for the most part -- got a little cold saturday night and sunday. Busch Gardens was a blast. The kids had a great time. Friday was definitely the perfect time to go. Apparently it was a school day for most kids in the area so the park wasn't all that crowded. We spent the bulk of our time on the 'kiddie rides' of course. Ethan's still too short for the roller coasters. maybe next year, Ethan! Alec's still obsessed with trains so we had to ride the train a couple of times around the park. As always we stopped by 'Das Festhaus' over in the Oktoberfest section of the park to get our usual german bratwurst platters. mmmmm. sauerkraut. I don't know, I guess since i was born there (germany, not at oktoberfest!) it's kinda like my pseudo-trek back to the 'motherland' in a disney sort-of way. OK, it's a lame excuse for chowing down on some brats and beer. anyway -back to the park: the aviary over in the Jack Hanna section was pretty interesting. It's where a colorful variety of birds roam free and with a little food, they can be enticed to land on you. I think the kids got a little freaked out seeing a whole bunch of birds gathering around a poor guy that had some food on him. kinda like a scene from Hitchcock's The Birds except these birds were pretty much harmless. If they don't already, they should put out a sign that warns folks that there's a high probability that you'll get pooped on while in there. Anyway, all in all, it was a fun-filled day at the amusement park. The rest of the weekend was filled with Elaine, the kids and I stuffing our faces with Elaine's mom's cooking. she really knows how to fatten people up. (yeah, if you know me or elaine, you'd know it's all about da food!! )
And we finally got a chance to see Ethan and Alec's newborn cousin, Eileen. She is so cute. gosh, i forgot how tiny and fragile newborn babies are. i've gotten so used to Alec who is just so heavy and solid. btw, Alec will be turning two this friday, yeah! Anyway, Ki and Colleen announced during our visit that they wanted me to be Eileen's godfather. wow. what an honor. i've never been a godfather before. guess i'll have to bone up on my Marlon Brando impression.
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02 April 2003

hopin' for some nice sunny weather the next couple o' days....

well, i'm off to virginia beach to go see our newborn niece and maybe even take a detour over to busch gardens (weather permitting) while we're in the area. i'll basically be offline until monday morning so don't y'all be missing me too much..... all three of you. well, in the off chance that you do end up missing me, why not post a nice long note expounding on all the ways that you do ..... :) ..... please? .... anyone...? .....whatever. see ya!
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01 April 2003

lllloooossseee yooouuuuurrrr llllloooovvveee.....

while we're on the subject of long lost 80's bands (and i have a bunch of personal favorites so we'll probably be revisiting this subject again in the future...), one in particular, The Outfield recently released an announcement of sorts on their website. Oh, come on, you remember them:
Josie's on a vacation far away, come around and talk it over
So many things that I wanna say, you know I like my girls a little bit older
I just wanna use your love tonight, I don't wanna lose your love tonight
-J. Spinks, Your Love
Man, I used to blast that song and the rest of the album, Play Deep, over and over again in my beat up ol' corolla (that car was such a pain, the passenger door was sealed shut from a previous accident so my friends had to get in thru the driver side door and the engine was SO prone to 'flooding' making it such a hassle to start especially in the high school parking lot.... so embarrassing!). Oh, it was so eighties.
anyway, back to the band : after being MIA in the mid-nineties, they got back together around '98 and started touring and recording again. It's great to see them working hard, performing their songs out on the road these past few years. But it's such ashame to see that they're having difficulty securing a record deal to release an album of new material (which is what the announcement is all about.) If they end up playing in your neck of the woods this summer be sure to go check them out and give these ol' musicians your support.
They also have a new section in their website where you can download an mp3 of one of the demos from their recording archives. Currently it's a song called 'Back in the Groove' which was recorded at John Spinks' home back around 1993.
click on 'read more' to see the recent announcement from the band. [Read More!]
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31 March 2003

have guitar : will play for cookies and some milk....

remember the songs 'Heat of the Moment' , 'Only Time Will Tell' and 'The Smile Has Left Your Eyes' from the '80s? well, you can have them performed by the band in your OWN living room for a measly $3000!!! Man, what a bargain!!!???! But, how SAD for the band! Asia is one of my favorite progressive/pop bands from the 80's. Anyone associated with the songs 'Heat of the Moment' and 'Don't Cry' and even 'Go' is a super-talent in my book. So what happened? why so cheap? Well, the fee is for two members of the group... sort of an acoustic show. And only one of them is an original member of the group. But still, 3000 bucks to hang out with a couple of rock stars at your own house doesn't sound too bad. Click on the 'read more' link to read the official announcement from the band's management.
So, how does this compare to other bands and performers, you ask? well, there was a list out on the internet somewhere from clear channel entertainment listing out fees.
here's a few from that list:
Dave Matthews (solo) : $100,000
Dana Carvey : $50,000
BB King : $50,000
Bernie Mac : $100,000 plus
Cheri O'Teri : $25,000
even Better than Ezra gets over $15,000 a show!
ugh. when a band like Better than Ezra charges five times more than what you're charging, something tells me that it's time to look for something else to do. what do you think?

speaking of bands : once you pay the fees, what else do you need to do to keep the bands happy? check out the backstage riders found at the smoking gun. I like Prince's demand to have all items in his dressing room to be covered with plastic wrap. [Read More!]
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mmmm..biscuits 'n gravy...

i forgot to mention in friday's post (about reducing carb-intake) that on most weekends Elaine's rule about limiting carbs gets thrown out the window. Most likely due to Elaine not wanting to hear me and Ethan whine all weekend. So the following is what we rewarded ourselves with after all that hard work in attempting to eat healthy all week: saturday morning - after my early-morning workout at the gym, i hopped on over to the Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen in Chapel Hill and ordered up a couple of their famous biscuits 'n gravy (it's becoming a saturday morning tradition :). On the way home, i stopped by Paneras to get Elaine some asiago cheese bagels, her favorite. Later on in the day, we ordered some pizza from the local Chanello's along with their italian sausage sub - yum, yum! On sunday, i had to miss breakfast in order to get to band rehearsal at church by 7:45 am. Had some sandwiches with the kids at home for lunch and then went and got some dinner at California Pizza Kitchen which included the Thai Linguine, Fettucine in garlic cream sauce and the Sicilian. OK, reading back on what i just wrote it would seem that we spent most of our weekend staying indoors and eating. That might be close to the truth for sunday since it was such a wet and cold day but on saturday, we spent most of the day outside (it was such a gorgeous day that day! - such a contrast in temp. compared to sunday and this morning. .... please bring back the warmth!!!)
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28 March 2003

forget Mickey-Dee's, let's go to 'Souper Salad', kids!

Along with our commitment to working out at the gym, Elaine and I are also trying to eat healthier. I don't know about Elaine but boy it's been hard on me. I'm all about carbo, man. The concept of 'reducing carb intake' is so foreign to me. Without a generous amount of carbs with my meal, i just don't feel full, you know what i mean. But as they always say, 'it's for your own good'.... yeah, yeah... that's easy for you to say. :| One thing we noticed now that we've been eating more salads is that Alec (our almost two-year old) loves the stuff. If you gave him a choice of spaghetti or fresh vegetables, he'd go for the veggies! Ethan, our five year old, is more like me, a meat and potatoes kind of guy. But i just can't get over Alec's taste for salad. We've always called him Kobayashi for his past non-stop eating binges but who knew a two year old would love to eat his veggies?
Alec : how about some pickles,my precious?
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27 March 2003

new web host servers....

to anyone visiting - post a note here and let me know if you encounter any problems on this site. my current web host provider is adding some new servers so they are having to transfer data and do some tweaking as well so some problems may occur. so far, there have been several outages, some minor data loss (some early posts from yesterday went missing as well as some guestbook entries) and now i noticed databases error when trying to post in the guestbook. (i'll have to investigate later when i get some time....) but please let me know if you encounter any other problems here. at least this blog is still working properly. (.....knock on wood....) ;)
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polka party!

speaking of piano lessons, back before i even had to endure those dreaded piano lessons when i was a kid, my parents actually started me out on accordion! no joke. This was back while we were living in chicago so i can only assume that the accordion and polka music was all the 'rage' in the midwest. Well, at least that's how i'm going to remember it because it'd be way more embarrassing to think otherwise. It sure wasn't my idea to take up the accordion. I must have been such an obedient child back then, letting my parents torture me like that. I'm just thankful none of my peers at school found out about me taking lessons. I'd definitely be a marked kid at recess. whew!
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26 March 2003

free computer shopper sub

here's a link for a free one year subscription to Computer Shopper magazine (Note: digital edition only). It's through NOTE: the offer expires April 9th. Freebizmag's a great service and it's definitely legit. In addition to receiving industry-related (in my case, pharmaceutical) magazines, i have also gotten complimentary subs for PC magazine, National Geographic, Budget Living, e-Gear and Electronic Gaming Monthly this way as well. yeah, i know, they're mostly 'nerd' mags but hey, they're free.
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ebony and ivory, side by side on my keyboard...

Man, I couldn't stand taking piano lessons back when I was little .... so, guess what? yup. we recently arranged for Ethan to take lessons every saturday. :) who am I to break korean family tradition? At least Ethan is showing interest in it..... for the time being. I always thought starting at five-years old would be a little early but Miriam, the owner (as well as friend and sax player in the worship band! ;) of Joyful Noise Studios told us that they teach as young as three. So I guess Ethan need to get da steppin' and start catching up on the time lost!! ;) [Read More!]
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24 March 2003

a time of refreshing....

OK I admit it, i went into the Bob Fitts 'night of worship' thing a bit callous. In the recent past, I had a horrible experience with another well-known worship leader (which i'll refrain from naming..) that I had to play drums for during a weekend conference. By the end of the conference, the guy succeeded in making me feel so bad and so inadequate about myself that I was on the verge of quitting the worship team altogether. I basically took a two month break from playing to recover and reassess things. Ever since that conference, i've been wary to play with outside worship leaders. My experience last night with Bob really helped in healing the wounds from that previous incident. It was truly a blessing to be able to experience worship led by such a gifted leader with a genuine heart for God. I don't think i've been so refreshed by the spirit while participating in the band in a long while. I REALLY needed that. Plus, i have SO much more respect for Bob now. I don't know how he does it. He just flew in from India and you would think he'd be jet-lagged and road-weary but Bob was full of enthusiasm and displayed such patience (at rehearsal :) and such joy for God it was amazing for me to see. Working with Bob gave me encouragement knowing that there are gifted/talented songwriters/worship leaders like him out there that have seen the world a number of times over and met tons of people and yet can still be so gracious, humble and so down to earth. [Read More!]
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....just one of those days....

here's how i started the day today.... I went over to the credit union over here at work to get some money out for lunch and unknowingly handed the teller my blockbuster card. Once i realized what i did, it was too late to save face. i just love mondays.
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21 March 2003

He Will Come and Save You

some words from Bob Fitts
He is our refuge in the day of trouble
He is our shelter in the time of storm
He is our tower in the day of sorrow
Our fortress in the time of war
- Bob Fitts/Gary Sadler
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20 March 2003

And so it begins.....

Standing on the border, waiting on the line
Silence is a stranger in these troubled times
I recall a better place where I controlled my mind
We had no fears at all...the day before the war.
- Geoffrey Downes/John Payne

CNN - latest updates
The Agonist
Kevin Sites' Blog
BBC reporters' blog
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