Ethan at work

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the ten year old had a blast at the company’s Bring Your Child to Work Day this past thursday. He, along with 138 other kids, learned all about our industry and participated in some fun learning activities. they also got a whole bunch of freebies - pens, pads, magnets, t-shirts and even some laboratory gear to wear at home. check out lil’ Ethan modeling his new outfit:
ethan in safety gear
he told me at the end of the day that eating lunch with his dad at the cafeteria was one of the highlights of the day. he also loved eating ice cream and caramel apple pie during the afternoon snack break. ..ahhh, like father, like son - it’s all about the food!! :P

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tent camping… in the living room

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Check out the boys camping out! nah. not really. we WERE planning on taking the boys out on a camping trip this weekend but we decided to postpone it to a later date. basically time wasn’t on our side this time around. hopefully we’ll do some REAL camping sometime soon. In the meantime, I set up our new tent in the living room for the kids to try out. whatdoyathink?
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happy b-day Alec!

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Here’s the birthday boy. He had a fabulous birthday. after a family cookout with the grandparents, Alec and his brothers spent the afternoon exploring the wonders of Wii. don’t worry, we already have time limits in place so that they won’t “OD” on gaming. plus, they had soccer practice that afternoon so that helped in getting them away from the television and out in the warm spring air.
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sending a big NO to charter school

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well, we decided NOT to send our middle child to the brand new charter school next school year. [see my previous post]. He’s going to stay at his current elementary school. there were simply too many unknowns with the new charter school- the school administration, the quality of teachers, the specific amount of time required at the school for each parent etc. plus with no school buses, no gymnasium, no cafeteria and no playground for the students, there are just too many sacrifices required from us and the kids just to obtain smaller class sizes. at this point, we’ll just stick with our overcrowded year-round elementary school for one more year and see what happens..

..I hope we’re making the right decision

more soccer pix

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I had a massive headache before taking my lil’ 6 year old out to the soccer field saturday morning. I was thankful the game time wasn’t as early as last week’s but still wasn’t that enthused about standing out on a muddy field with a high probability of being rained on. well, actually I don’t mind the rain so much since being in a year long drought, any sort of rain event is a good thing in my book. just wasn’t in that great of a mood. but as with any father- ya get up every day and do whatcha gotta do FOR the kids.
the boys were outmatched again this week. the rumor shared among the parents on the sidelines was that the opposing team consisted of older kids. oh! the humanity! do I smell a conspiracy here??? :P

Wii want to play!

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wiiwell, guess what. I just purchased a Nintendo Wii. After all my whining and complaining, the video games gods must have felt sorry for me. my lil’ 6 (going on 7) year old will be thrilled about getting this on his b-day next week.

you see.. I ended up finishing early at work today and so I stopped by Target on my way home just for the heck of it. I walked in fully expecting to be disappointed and then I saw them- TWO brand new Wii boxes in the video game display case! I was absolutely in shock. after all this time, I’ve never actually seen a real life Nintendo Wii in stock at a local retailer. I quickly got an employee to grab me one along with a Wii Play/extra controller set before I fainted. man, this definitely made my day.

Happy Friday everyone!! Have a great weekend. :)

too cold for soccer

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it was a cold, grey morning when the 6 year olds stepped onto the soccer field for their first official game of the season this past saturday. parents lined the sidelines, coffee in hand, muttering among themselves how unusually cold it was. still sleepy, some of the boys tried to warm themselves up by dribbling the ball downfield, blissfully unaware of their impending doom. the opposing team was headed by coach Kevin who had coached my oldest son in seasons past. Coach Kevin is known for his uncanny ability to mold his teams into well oiled soccer machines that rarely lose. as the game began, it was soon apparent that our team of kids was overmatched by Coach Kevin’s team. by halftime, I had lost count how many goals we were down by. the enthusiasm of the parents on our side was noticeably lacking during the second half. plus the blustery winds silenced the onlookers, forcing them to retreat into their scarves and jackets. funnily the boys seemed oblivious to the pounding they were taking from the opposing team. oh, to be six again…

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where does the time go?

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our youngest turned four over the weekend! hooray! it’s a total cliche and you’ve probably heard me say it a thousand times already but: “boy, does time fly by!!”. it’s really hard to believe my little one is now FOUR!
where does the time go???
*sniff, sniff*


time for soccer again!

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boy, we didn’t have much of a winter here in NC and now it’s already time for spring soccer season to begin! yup, and that means more fuzzy phonecam pix of the kids playing soccer! Ethan and Alec are obviously on different teams b/c of age but they’ve got the same coach this time around. and Coach Aaron is pretty cool so the kids are really looking forward to learning from him.
it’s soccer time again
spring soccer already

guitar hero

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hey look-ie here. that’s our oldest with his new acoustic guitar that he got for christmas. I’ve been teaching him some chords and scales during our holiday break. He seems to be having fun learning how to play. right now, he’s just taking it slow… getting his little fingers used to the steel strings. I think he’s got the hang of the “E” chord and scale. and now on to “A”. once he gets to a third chord, he’ll be able to play along to some cool early rock ‘n roll songs. that’s right, all ya need are three chords and you can basically play hundreds of songs!!
So could lil’ Ethan be the next Eric Clapton? or maybe the next Paul McCartney, perhaps? no? what about James Taylor? still too unrealistic? …OK, OK, as long as he doesn’t turn out to be the next Corey Feldman or Corey Haim, I guess I’ll be happy… :P

Our video Christmas greeting

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Yup, it’s that time of the year again. Time for you all to see how the kids have grown over the past year. :)

I’d like to take this time to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! oh and a big *thank you* to all that regularly visit and comment on my blog. Hope you all have a safe, warm, relaxing and peaceful Christmas and holiday break!!

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oh Christmas tree…

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the christmas tree lot near our neighborhood has been packed with customers these last few days. the kids were all getting worried about not getting a good tree this year. So I rounded up the kids this afternoon and took them to find us a tree. they were all relieved to see that there were still plenty of christmas trees to choose from on the lot. we ended up getting a nice 7-footer. now the house is filled with that freshly cut Fraser Fir smell. nice. it all helps in getting this ol’ grumpy grinch fill himself up with some much needed christmas spirit.

last game of the season

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last game of season-001-nov07
since last week’s soccer games were canceled due to rain, the 10 year old’s team got together this weekend for the last time this season. it was a makeup game and some of the players weren’t able to attend so the game was a mix of kids from the various teams in the league. the game ended with a tie but the kids didn’t seem to mind since they were just happy to be out there playing one last time. the coach got the remaining players from team Argentina together at the end of the game and handed out trophies. normally there’d be a grand trophy ceremony with everyone in the league present in one location but due to the rain last weekend, the kids had to settle for their coaches handing them their trophies individually. my two boys had a blast this season and can’t wait to get back at it again in the spring.

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spongebob and buzz

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spongebob and buzz lightyear halloween october 2007
here’s our dynamic duo, out and about last night. yes, you’ve seen those costumes before. they were both worn by our oldest (not pictured here) when he was their age. they’re hand-me-downs. so we definitely got our money’s worth from those two costumes. the cool thing about those costumes is that since both spongebob and buzz lightyear aren’t exactly one of the “hot” characters to wear this year, we didn’t see anyone else in the neighborhood dressed up as spongebob or buzz. heh. somehow our thrifty ways finally paid off!!

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