top droppers for august

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Here are the top entrecard droppers for the last month. Thanks for visiting guys! you guys rock!
DLee entrecard

Khaizee Blog - Everything Is Fine
- a great music blog
What Some Would Call Lies - A personal blog by Mike Lawson who moved from Southern California to Arizona
Everything Has A Reason - a personal blog featuring thoughts on politics, health, personal stories and interesting links
She Lives - a music blog by a mom who loves playing bass guitar
Lamberry - a malaysian blogger sharing stories about work as well as her hobbies and interests.

and for those of you that don’t do entrecard - what are you waiting for? Not only is it a great way to find new and interesting blogs but it’s also a way for other bloggers to find you! sign up and start dropping!! :)

top droppers

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DLee entrecard
I’ve seen this done on various blogs so I thought I’d give some props to some entrecarders who regularly drop here.
so, here are my top five entrecard droppers in the last 30 days. Thanks guys for continually dropping by my site. I really appreciate it. :)

Beaker’s 3 Dimensions
Living Within Samsara
The BenSpark
Caledonian Comment
Urutora no Hi

I’m still getting a feel on what everyone thinks of Sezwho on the entrecard forums. I still haven’t turned the plugin back on yet. but I’ll let you all know in the next week or so…

Sezwho disabled… for now

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well, I had to disable the Sezwho plugin on my blog. at least temporarily. the Sezwho server went down over the weekend and caused any blog (including mine) that had the Sezwho plugin to be unreachable. I’ll probably re-activate the plugin once things over at Sezwho get more stable. oh, it’s all about the “fun”, isn’t it?

so, what do you think?

should I turn Sezwho back ON or not?

..umm, does anyone care at this point?

Sez Who

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Sez who?
the big announcement entrecard made this week was about their new partnership with sezwho. By partnering with the sezwho service, they’re hoping that entrecarders would end up choosing to comment on the blogs they visit rather than just simply dropping a card. I’m not totally sold on the idea but I signed up anyway. You’ll notice that every comment and every post here on my blog can now be given a rating. So be sure to rate my posts as well as my commenters here. and let’s just see if this will all lead to more comments…

piano restoration

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old piano DLeeI recently helped a friend of mine move a piano that he inherited from his grandparents. It’s an old, beat up used Steinway that my friend learned to play on when he was a little kid. the old piano has a lot of memories attached to it so he’s looking to restore it and keep it around for his own children. He’s getting a well known piano restoration company called Lindeblad Piano Restoration to bring his old Steinway back to life. they’ve been restoring pianos since 1920 and my friend swears by them and wouldn’t trust his piano with any other. to find out more about restoring your old piano, head on over to

best of 2007

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Since all the networks, magazines, NPR and even other blogs do this sort of thing every January, I thought I’d give it a whirl. So here’s a list of my favorite blog posts from the past year. (in no particular order…)

- I’m Not Tired!: a video clip on my youngest trying his darnedest not to fall asleep.

- a little pick me up: the same little guy singing you are my sunshine.

- I’m the bestest Dad, ever! Not.

- Chicken Curry: Our quick and easy korean style chicken curry recipe.

- Thomas and Friends Live: I continually get quite a lot of search engine visitors wanting to know about this live show. It’s a big thumbs down from two out of my three boys.

- the time is NOW. grow up already! sheesh.

- April Snow: I couldn’t get Michael and Nabbi to stop commenting on this one. just get a room you two and be done with it, alright?

- a list of some of my all time favorite korean movies (with youtube clips!)

- my ever popular (via search engines) VEOHTV mini-review.

- and finally, my pissed off post about how I’m never going to eat at Champps ever again.

…and there you have it. The best of 2007.

..let’s hope I find new and more interesting things to post about in 2008!!! :P

voice your opinion!

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As with most bloggers, I’m always trying to find ways to expand readership here. It’s tough finding an audience when there are millions of other websites all competing for your attention. I’ve already set myself up in a way by calling this blog “the Ridiculously Mundane”. :P
but anyway, I’m very thankful for those of you that regularly swing by to say “hi”. If you have a moment, could you take a survey for me? I’m trying to gauge what you guys like and dislike about my site and I thought an anonymous survey would help in collecting your thoughts. feel free to be brutally honest and there’s even a section where you can add your own suggestions as well. the survey will stay open until Jan 25th. Once the survey closes, I’ll share the results here with you all. Thanks for your help.

Click Here to take survey

take my survey please

Our video Christmas greeting

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Yup, it’s that time of the year again. Time for you all to see how the kids have grown over the past year. :)

I’d like to take this time to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! oh and a big *thank you* to all that regularly visit and comment on my blog. Hope you all have a safe, warm, relaxing and peaceful Christmas and holiday break!!

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have a great thanksgiving!

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i’m *so* ready to stuff myself with some delicious food, aren’t you?
as always, thanks for visiting. I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

adding ringtones to VX8600

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my phonei’ve had the LG VX8600 for a couple of months now and i have to say that this phone is by far the best cell phone i’ve ever owned. the sleek ultra-thin clamshell design is very appealing but more importantly, the phone delivers in performance. it’s got great reception, nice features, video and music capabilities, a 1.3 megapixel camera and a port for a microSD card for storage.

the only thing i’ve been struggling with recently is trying to custom upload a mp3 to use as a ringtone. i’ve read elsewhere that it’s pretty simple to do using an authorized verizon USB cord but i really don’t want to spend 30 extra bucks just to install my own ringtones onto the phone. you would think the mp3s stored on the microSD card could be assigned as a ringtone but for some reason verizon doesn’t allow that. the file needs to be in the special ringtone folder that resides on the phone’s internal memory. Using BITPIM and the verizon USB cord, it’s possible to transfer the files into the special folder. but i recently learned a work around for those without the USB interface. just simply email the file to your phone. when you receive the file, you can then assign the attachment as a ringtone. the only restriction that i’ve read is to keep the mp3 file below 350k and then change the extension to .qcp before sending it. i’m planning on editing some of my files this evening using audacity and see if this actually works. i’ll let you know how it goes…

server outage

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what is going on with my webhost provider??? we’ve had several outages this past week. and they all occurred right around the time that i was trying to post something. initially i thought it was something that i did but checking with tech support it was something to do with the servers. the most recent incident that occurred last night lasted over several hours. it was a bit frustrating especially when it interferes with getting some paid work done here on the site.

payment for the next year will be due pretty soon so i’ll have to closely monitor my webhosting service and see if i really do need to look for a more reliable provider.

please let me know if you notice my site being down again.

the battle is over… for now..

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blog battleThanks to all the friends, visitors and regular blog readers that took the time to vote for my blog in the iRobot Blog Battle Royale over the weekend. I really appreciate the support and receiving a total of 205 votes for my iRobot LAWNba entry was more than I expected. you guys rock! thanks!

unfortunately, 205 votes wasn’t enough to get me into the top five. I ended up at #6 right around 12PM EST when the voting should have ended. but apparently there was some sort of glitch over at polldaddy and the site continued to take votes well beyond the intended deadline. when the poll finally got taken down, my blog was pushed down to 7th place. not bad in the overall scheme of things but it wasn’t enough to get me a new Roomba. but the main thing is that DID in fact enjoy writing the post and had fun being in the contest. i think PPP put together a great little contest and it did it’s job of pulling in new visitors to our blogs. hopefully my new visitors liked what they saw and will continue to visit here often! :)

anyway, I was thinking a little bit about the “blog battle” and how it may be RE-formatted in the future. because, let’s face it, this first round was just simply a popularity contest. just tell ALL the people that you know from all over the net including myspace, various forums, facebook, plus your REAL friends and family etc. and get them over to the poll site to vote for your entry. the 36 iRobot blog posts really DIDN’T have a significant role in the votecasting process. yes, the PPP blog did state that the voters should go through all the blogs before casting the vote but since it wasn’t required or forced, I’m MORE than positive that these 2600 voters didn’t go through all 36 blogs.

let me state again before someone flames me - i’m not bitter about how the voting took place and THIS is NOT about me not winning one of those roombas. I’m as guilty as anyone else in the contest- I emailed all my friends and blog readers and posted on various forums asking and pleading for votes. but i think the point of the contest was lost in the process which were the blog posts themselves.

I’m not sure if PPP will be reading this or not but here are my suggestions for future rounds of “blog battle royale”, for what it’s worth.

now this will take a bit of programming upfront but with the popularity of these battles from a promotional standpoint, it may be worth it.

1) Require/force the voter to visit all blog entries during the contest. use a “framing” method with a step by step view of each blog in sequential order. b/c this will take more effort on the voter’s part, it may weed out the “casual” voters. also, this will put the focus back on the blog posts and not just about how many people you can ask to vote for you.

2) Since the voter will be visiting each blog in order, have a RATINGS system (1 thru 10) instead of the ONE vote method. PPP can add an interface bar at the top of the screen with a ratings bar. the visitor can rate each entry as they go through each blog. and of course the blog with the highest total rating, wins.

3) in order to make it fair for the blogs that come last in the sequence, require the voter to get through all the blogs before his or her ratings for all the blogs get officially counted. if the voter aborts in the middle of the process, the ratings are not counted.

4) also, have a timer on the interface bar so that each visit should be at a minimum of say 30 seconds before a rating is taken. this will at least try to ensure than no one is zipping through all the sites without looking. so for a 36 blog contest, that’ll mean at least an 18 minute investment on the part of the voter. again, the time required will hopefully mean more “quality” votes and bring the voting away from just a popularity contest.

anyway, it’s just my two cents. i’m sure the folks over at PPP are aware of the various problems that occurred during this round of vote taking so maybe they’re already working on this…

Blog Battle Royale: iRobot

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blog battle
hey all!
I recently submitted my blog in a “blogging contest” in which we were asked to write a post about what our ideal household robot would be able to do. my entry is entitled iRobot LAWNba and you can read it by clicking here.
If you like what I wrote, please do me a favor and head on over to the PPP Blog Battle Royale page and VOTE for me. I’m entry #4 of the list. please note: voting ends Monday, August 20th at 12:00pm EST.

the top five entries will receive an iRobot Roomba robot vacuum of their very own. yes i know it’s a bit silly and i’m doing it for the fun of blogging but still, it’d be great to see if i could get enough votes to win one.
Thanks for your support!

a week full of heat and humidity

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the heat is definitely on!!
heat of the moment
boy i hope our home air conditioning unit will be able to handle the extra heat this week. ..and my poor lawn. it’s turning brown and crispy as we speak….

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