a little pick me up

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in a world full of negativity and sorrow, how can one stay positive and hopeful?

well, our lil’ one wants to help…


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since i tried out jumpcut the other day, i thought i’d try editing the same raw footage over on eyespot for comparison. eyespot like jumpcut is the other major website that offers users a convenient way to upload, store, edit and publish videos online. unfortunately, eyespot’s editing interface is a bit more cumbersome and limiting when compared to jumpcut’s. when trimming raw footage eyespot doesn’t make it easy to extract multiple clips from one longer clip. eyespot requires you to reload the original clip if you need to cut another portion of it out. jumpcut on the other hand allows for multiple “clippings” in one go. another negative is that eyespot takes a while to compile/mix your video each time you want to see your progress. it gets a bit annoying after a couple of edits. the one thing i do like is that the playback is a bit more reliable and the final edit isn’t as glitchy/buggy as jumpcut’s. so it’s a toss up. i prefer jumpcut’s editing features but eyespot’s playback is smoother and more reliable. i guess in the near future, we’ll keep an eye out on who fixes/improves what.

so here’s the new version of the kids’ easter egg hunt edited and compiled on eyespot.

decisions, decisions…

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just trying to get my head around the track-out schedule for the kids next school year. plus, we have to quickly decide on some summer camps for the kids before they start back up at the end of july. hard to make timely decisions when you’re a life long procrastinator like me. :P

first win for team portugal!

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hooray for team portugal! they won the first match of the spring season. unfortunately i wasn’t able to watch much of the game since my five year old had his instructional league play at the same time. and so with all the going back and forth between fields, i didn’t get to see much of anything. oh well. at least we had great weather for the game. and hopefully the nine year old and his team can sustain the momentum through the rest of the season.
and for those who are paying close attention, i’m posting this week’s soccer pix using my flickr account. i’m still trying to solve my folder/file permission issues here on the website. i’m not able to upload photos to through media gallery until i get that straightened out. oh and if you’re also on flickr, feel free to link me as your contact/friend.

spring soccer already!

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the spring soccer season just started back up yesterday morning. the weather warmed up just in time for the kids to get on onto the field. we were sorta worried with the freezing temps we’ve been experiencing for the last few weeks. but i guess mother nature knew about the kids’ soccer schedule and opened up a beautiful saturday morning just for them. our nine year old got assigned the same coach he had last season. you might remember me complaining about all the losing games last season but hopefully the team will do a whole lot better this time around. and even though they lost a whole bunch during fall soccer, it was apparent that our nine year old did indeed learn some valuable techniques from the coach. so all was not lost last season. so as Lennon-McCartney sang all those years ago: It’s getting better all the time, couldn’t get much worse…

lunch at five guys

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since there’s a bit of an age gap between our oldest son and our second and third, Elaine and I have been taking our oldest out routinely for a little one on one time. He seems to appreciate the attention since the two year old seems to get the bulk of it most of the time. so yesterday for lunch, i took the oldest to Five Guys Burgers. the burgers are great there. a little pricey (for a burger!) but you can’t beat the taste. luckily we got there a bit early b/c a couple minutes after we sat down there weren’t any available tables left in the place. so it’s definitely a good idea to come either at off-peak times or a bit early or you’ll end up waiting around with a tray full of food and no place to sit. anyway, we had a nice time together. it’s kinda hard to face the fact that my son is *growing up*! he’s nine years old now. where has all the time gone? amazing.

do the snow dance!!

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OK. the kids are getting ready to do their *snow dance* so that the wintery mix that the weathercenter is predicting for thursday will come true. at this point it looks to be more like a rain event but around this area, you can never be too sure…

school daze

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22 schools are slated for year round conversion in the upcoming school year including the elementary school that our boys are currently attending.  with all this chaos that’s happening due to the transition and confusion about what tracks to sign up for and how to handle the tracked out periods and so on… the families in the area (approximately 11,000 affected students) also have to worry about the new reassignment proposal that just got released today. and to top it all off the county commissioners decided yesterday that they might just withhold funding for the year round conversion after all. what is the deal here? can’t anything go right for this darn school system???

read the latest news item on the school reassignment/year round conversion fiasco here.

PPP man versus Bionicle

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since it’s christmas break and the kids and I had some extra time on hand, we ended up doing a goofy little video for the folks at payperpost, you know where you get paid for blogging? the premise is about what would happen if payperpost man infiltrates our playroom and what would our kids’ bionicle do? our nine year old, our five year old and even our two year old all get involved in this one. check it out.

The post was sponsored by payperpost.


oh and just for laughs, here’s the script:

The day begins not unlike any other day in the playroom as the Bionicle stands tall and proud as he surveys the space around him. All is at peace … but not for long…. As payperpost man invades the sacred training grounds.

Bionicle: who goes there?

PPPman: it is I payperpost man and I am here to conquer your playroom just as I have conquer the internets.

Bionicle: not if I can help it. The playroom is for the kids not for strangers.

PPPman: then prepare to die ol’ man.

Bionicle: and how will you go about doing that?

PPPman: don’t tempt me in bringing out Ted and his dastardly impression of a large mouth bass. It is to die for.

Bionicle: oh no not that!

PPPman: then how about this.

And it an instant, pppman lunges at the bionicle and knocks out a limb.

PPPman : laughs, hysterically.

And then out of nowhere, a two year old runs through the playroom to save the day.

And all is back to normal here in the kids playroom.

The end.

how was your christmas?

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and how was everyone’s christmas?  ours?  well the kids caught some sort of bug last week and passed it on to the wife and I.  so basically the whole household is a bit under the weather at the moment.  so unfortunately for us, christmas went by with lots of tissues, medication, juice, sniffling, sneezing, coughing and lots of naps.   ugh, it’s about time for another run to the market tonight… we’re running low on juice and medicine…. 


Phil’s Tales

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this might be old news for some but i didn’t realize the creator of VeggieTales, Phil Vischer, is no longer running the business Big Idea Inc. after the bankruptcy back in 2003, apparently Classic Media (a secular media company based in New York) took over. Phil is still involved doing the voice over work for the characters but that’s about it. so the recent mediocre projects like Veggie Tales Live (a live show based on the characters), the NBC saturday morning shows and the awful video games all weren’t his idea. we can all blame Classic Media instead. it makes sense now seeing all the recent marketing and the NBC shows toning down the “Christian” aspect of the VeggieTales. and i was very encouraged by reading Phil Vischer’s story about the bankruptcy, losing the business, losing his employees etc. he went from flying so high with a booming children’s video company and then to see it all crash and burn right before his eyes. through it all, he never lost faith in God and never doubted that his purpose is to tell God’s stories to children around the world. So he’s starting another company and continuing on to fulfill his mission. you can get the behind the scenes scoop on what went down by visiting Phil’s very informative blog.

end of the season… finally!

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end it already!!! for the love of pete, end it!!

yes, the time finally arrived. the end of the fall soccer season. the nine year old’s team lost again of course. but the funny thing is that i think the kid learned more this season than any other in the past. not sure if it’s the coach, or the team filled with not so great players or timing or a combination of all of these. but i guess even with the team losing all but one game, my son learning better technique and gaining confidence in his abilities are big *positives* in any book. the other positive i witnessed saturday was when the nine year old played goalie during the second half of the game. i was all ready to cover my eyes for the remainder of the half but to my surprise the kid actually went after the ball and blocked the majority of the shots that came his way. my mouth was ajar in amazement. i’ve seen this kid play goalie in the past where he didn’t keep focus on where the ball was at key moments and let easy shots go right by him but now he was on fire. he was no longer afraid of the ball and was all ready to keep the ball from getting into the goal. wow. now, that’s my boy! :)


congrats boys! and better luck next season!!

soccer season coming to a close…

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OK, saturday morning was a bit too cold and wet for soccer. at least for *this* ol’ man. and for our five year old, it’s the last soccer saturday for the season. he has definitely enjoyed it a lot more this season. he’s running a whole lot better and paying attention to where the action is. i’m very proud of the lil’ five year old. oh and get this, his coach *finally*, after all this time of snickering and whispering about his horrendous comb-over, got his *hair cut*. he almost looks normal now. *almost*. heh.

as for our nine year old. his team lost again. the wife and i can’t wait for the season to end so that the team could be put out of its misery. again, we’re thankful that the nine year old has improved in his skills but man, it would have been a whole lot more enjoyable if the kids could win some of their games!!

soccer update: we won!

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well, on a soggy wet saturday morning my nine year old and his soccer team actually won a game for the first time this season. hooray! i’m sure the kids are ecstatic over how they did in the game. frankly i’m not totally sure if the opposing team just sucked beans or the boys in my son’s team actually got better over the last couple weeks. my son didn’t score this time mainly due to the coach favoring him on defense. man, the second half was open season for the boys due to the opposing team’s goalie during the half wasn’t all that good. if only the coach put my son in on offense during the half, he could have made a couple of easy shots.

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