Save the Last Dance for Me

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OK, the wife and I tried to watch the 6 DVD set of Save the Last Dance for Me but couldn’t get past the second disc. Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene) is cute and all but we couldn’t bear watching her over-act through every single scene in this snoozer of a k-drama. and all the overused k-drama plot devices are here including: memory loss, lovable father passing away, misunderstandings galore, hospital-foo, fighting in the rain-foo, love triangles, accidents galore, paralysis-foo, love lost and then found, yadda, yadda, yadda.
i can’t really say what happens in the end b/c we never finished the series. oh well. but i did notice that the music was pretty good in this series. and in keeping with the k-drama tradition, the main themes were repeatedly played to death.

download: Give My Love (korean version)
as well as Give My Love (the main title version)

april snow

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well, i suppose April Snow looked great on paper. but the resulting film starring Bae Yong-Jun and Son Ye-Jin is just a complete mess. i can imagine the initial production meeting for April Snow went something like this:

producer #1: uummm. so how do we capitalize on this Yon-sama phenomenon?
producer #2: love scene. definitely a love scene. ..maybe even two!!
director: but we need some sort of story. writer #1, what have you got.
writer #1: i’m dry as the sahara. i got nothing.
writer #2: hey, i watched a Harrison Ford movie last night about two strangers becoming involved with each other after learning of their spouses’ infidelity.
director: sounds like a story.
producer #1: OK, i’ve got a pen, now which Harrison Ford movie is this?
writer #2: Random Hearts, I believe.
director: that’s a crap title. we’ll fix that. from what i recall, if we change the title of the story, we won’t have to pay for the rights to remake the movie. heh.
producer #1: OK, writer #1, you’re homework is to watch the movie and write down all the important plot points.
producer #2: don’t forget the love scenes. we need Yon-sama without his shirt on.
producer #1: and what about a leading lady?
director: gosh. there’s so many korean actresses to choose from. i don’t know where to start.
writer #2: oh, i loved The Classic. can you guys get the girl from the Classic?
producer #2: is she sexy?
writer #2: ummm, she’s cute…
producer #1: that’s close enough. we’ll start production in the morning.

from watching the movie last night, i’m sure that’s how the movie was planned. the scenes were haphazardly edited together. the dialogue was atrocious. and the whole disjointed movie limped along at a snail’s pace. even though i’m a fan of both Bae Yong-Jun and Son Ye-Jin, their talent alone could not save this project. there’s only so much you can do when you start with a crappy script like this. you can tell the director was hurting for material when he resorts to inserting references to the actors’ previous work such as Son Ye-Jin walking with an umbrella in the pouring rain (an obvious reference to The Classic) and having Bae Yong-Jun profess his love for the winter season (a la Winter Sonata). ugh.

oh and you know the film is a dud when during a pivotal scene at a funeral, a photo of the deceased is revealed for the first time and it’s none other than fellow Winter Sonata actor Ryu Seung Soo. the wife and i laughed so hard at that scene. did the director not realize that inserting another Winter Sonata actor in the film would distract most of the audience from the intended dramatic effect? sad, sad, sad.
april snow
no need seeking out this DVD. especially when the love scenes are all over youtube. but don’t get all hyped up about it though. the scenes are slow, bland and awkward, just like the rest of the movie.

korean movie trailers

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one of our regulars here on, “Nabbi”, mentioned that she wasn’t familiar with one of my all time favorites, The Classic, i thought I’d post the youtube movie trailer clip of The Classic along with some of my other korean favorites just in case some of you haven’t seen ‘em either.

The Classic movie trailer

The Host


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SOTD: The Classic

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DLee - Song of the Day
for the song of the day, i thought i’d share the main love theme from one of my all time favorite korean movies - The Classic.
if you’ve seen the movie then you would surely recognize today’s song of the day since in typical korean drama fashion, the director chose to play the main theme over and over and over again throughout the movie. i didn’t mind so much since the song was pretty good.

More Love (love theme from The Classic)

At the Riverside (instrumental of love theme)

..and The DVD can be purchase over at Amazon: The Classic a.k.a Love Story DVD

winter sonata

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YA Entertainment recently started sending out their quarterly promo DVDs to folks on their mailing list. we just received their Winter Sonata sampler to commemorate YAE’s recent release of their Winter Sonata Special Edition box set. the wife and I missed the whole Winter Sonata/Bae Yong-Jun frenzy the first time around. yes, we heard all the talk about asian housewives across the globe having Yon-sama fever but we never ended up seeking the DVDs out at the time. the problem for me (not so much for the wife), is my difficulty in following complex or fast dialogue in korean. it takes a lot of effort on my part to follow even simple, casual dialogue so it puts a damper on enjoying any korean TV dramas. it has been easier for me to get into korean films just for the simple fact that the DVDs have english subtitles on them. but now that YA Entertainment is releasing english subtitled DVDs specifically for the US market, i have a chance to catch up on some great kdramas. and it appears that their promo DVD idea is pretty effective. once the wife and i watched a few episodes of Winter Sonata, we had no choice but to get the DVD set in order to continue watching Bae Yong-Jun and Choi Ji-Woo longingly pine for each other over 20 agonizing episodes. after we put the kids to bed, the wife and i attempted to do a marathon viewing session of four episodes in a row late last night. i couldn’t make it through all four episodes but the wife continued on until the wee hours of the morning. obviously these DVDs need to be labeled with a warning for those not strong willed enough to be able to hit the stop button after a reasonable amount of viewing!!


3 Secrets of Winter Sonata

free sub to TV Guide

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tvgmagthe freebie of the day- a free subscription to TV Guide.

TV Guide is now a Full-Size, Full-Color magazine for people who are passionate about their favorite shows, characters, and stars. Plus, TV guide features an easier-to-use national listings section with more highlights and reviews.

I just signed up for it today so i’m not completely sure if you’ll get the subscription but it’s worth a try…

link to 1 year free subscription to TV Guide [via rewards gold]

just fill out the short survey at rewards gold and it’ll then take you to another page where you can fill in your address info for the subscription.


inland empire

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OK, I gave it a shot. but after an hour and a half (which was only half-way through the 3 hour movie) of bizarre, pointless scenes edited together in apparent random fashion, i just had to hit the stop button. since i loved David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive and the first season of Twin Peaks, i thought Inland Empire would be similar in quality but sadly, it’s just a complete mess of a movie. shot in digital form, Lynch seems to be more interested in stylized visuals and editing than story here. and those extreme closeups of the actors really weren’t that flattering especially Laura Dern who looked a bit freakish at times. I suppose if Lynch had Naomi Watts in place of Laura Dern I would have tried harder to make it through the 3 hour torturefest but with the way it was, the hour and a half was way more than i should have wasted on this film. some of the scenes like the ones with the Rabbits, didn’t even need to be in the film. there was no connection or link to speak of. i suppose if one was tripping on acid, this movie might be more enjoyable but for those that don’t do acid, i suggest rewatching David Lynch’s masterpiece Mulholland Drive.


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OK, how in the hell did the movie Premonition ever get made??? i mean, come on! wouldn’t you think there’d be at least one person at the movie studio that’d point out these rather large plot holes in the story and say “hold on a sec, this movie doesn’t make a lick of sense. let’s go back to the drawing board..”????? obviously hollywood assumes we’re all idiots. it’s infuriating to think that the “great minds” behind this embarrassment of a movie got paid millions for this. I knew going in that the movie got panned by critics but i tend to give critically panned movies benefit of the doubt since, as some of you know, I’m the kind of guy that places Dumb and Dumber on his all-time favorites list. but unfortunately Premonition didn’t end up being one of those *it’s so bad it’s good* movies. it’s more like a - damn, i need to find the director of this crap movie and beat some sense into him-type movie.

*spoiler alert*

major plot hole - there are many, believe me. but the most glaring one is in an early scene (which in the corrected sequence of events, occurs after the death of the husband) where the older daughter SHOULD have scars on her face but doesn’t. it was most likely done to not tip the audience too early but once you know what happened, these early scenes stick out like sore thumbs. stuff like this cheapens the whole movie and does not motivate anyone to rewatch the flick.

another thing that annoyed me was when Sandra Bullock’s character mapped out the 7-day week and wrote down where she’s been and which “days” in the week haven’t happened yet. uhh, hello? yeah, like the powers that be are somehow restricted to only showing her visions within that week. is there a rule book somewhere that allows dreams to reveal themselves out of sequence BUT only within that week in question??? yeah, right.

I have to give the writer and director credit for letting the husband die at the end and not tack on some sort of “hollywood ending”. BUT, the ending was still hokey with Bullock’s character inadvertently placing the husband in the path of an oncoming semi. Oops! and as an apparent tribute to Jerry “Mr. Big Explosion” Bruckheimer, the semi, the car and the husband are blown to bits. … OK, except for his head which is the only thing left to bury at the funeral. i’m NOT making that up, it’s all part of the story!!!

OK, so the movie is not worth the time, people. you’ve been warned. even if there’s absolutely nothing else to rent at blockbuster, don’t do it!! you’ll thank me in the end, believe me.

celebreality tidbits

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unreality- yes, i admit at first i was intrigued but now i just can’t stand watching Scott Baio’s Vh1 reality series. the show just feels *so* scripted and the bad acting by all involved just make things oh so much worse!!

oh, and his girlfriend Renee is just plain ugly. sorry. had to say it.

and whatdayaknow, Vh1 just announced that there will be another season of Baio and his pals. and of course there will be more creepy Johnny V. i wonder if ol’ Johnny will do his version of “Fatal Attraction” on Baio next season?

- and what about Mission: Man Band? did i not tell you that the manager from 10th street entertainment was useless? yes, i did. and lookie here, the boys are all upset at her sabotaging their so called careers. but what’s the point of this show anyway? these guys are doomed. no surprise there. i guess we are all supposed to watch as these clueless idiots slide deeper and deeper into the abyss??

- OK and that promo from The Pickup Artist with those six geeks learning to kiss on peaches and then torturing that poor blindfolded woman with a six geek kiss-fest??? that is just plain *nasty*.

oh, why, oh why do i have such a sick fascination with trash TV???

God Made You Special

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as your neighborhood Big Idea Ambassador, i’m here to let you guys know about the new VeggieTales DVD release called God Made You Special! it’s a collection of 4 great stories that focuses on how God has made each and every one of us special.

what’s included on the DVD?
the classic VeggieTales story Dave and the Giant Pickle- where a little shepherd boy learns that little guys CAN do BIG things too.
In The Gourds Must be Crazy - we learn to appreciate the differences in others.
A Snoodle’s Tale is about a Snoodle that realizes God’s view of him is the only thing that should matter.
and in an all new story called Bob’s Vacation, the veggies learn how special they really are.
a total of 70 minutes of veggie fun plus another 2 hours of extras too.

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Mission: Man Band

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man-bandfor those with more discerning viewing habits, here’s what you missed last night.
VH1’s Mission: Man Band
former boy-band members: Bryan Abrams from Color Me Badd, Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, Rich Cronin from LFO, and Chris Kirkpatrick from ‘N Sync, get together and desperately beg and plead for a way out of obscurity. why do i subject myself to such trash? well, I suppose.. it’s a train wreck and I like to watch. heh. yes, i’m sick.
here are some quick bits from the premiere:
-Bryan Abrams: currently works in a warehouse stacking tires. he’s got a baby and needs to work. sad. he’s also a bit overweight which might be a bit of a stumbling block for his career comeback.
-Chris Kirkpatrick: he’s got a nice big house for a guy that doesn’t even sing lead vocals. he says he’s tired of partying all the time and not working.
-Jeff Timmons: likes being out of the limelight. wants to work behind the scenes. sort of ironic since he’s the best looking of the bunch.
-Rich Cronin: tugs at the heart strings. he’s currently battling leukemia.
the big red flag in last night’s episode: their new manager is associated with 10th St. Entertainment. when i saw that, I just knew their fate was sealed. they are doomed to obscurity forever. 10th St. totally screwed up Elliot Easton and Todd Rundgren and the rest of The New Cars by not effectively promoting them after the initial announcement of their summer tour last year. remember? of course you don’t because 10th St. failed to properly get the word out . they basically dropped them like a hot potato and they left the musicians to fend for themselves. Yes, I understand promoting a middle aged group of rockers is a tough sell but still, it’s so obvious management had a big hand in botching the whole project.

anyway, i’m not totally sure if i’ll be catching the rest of the series but since i’m such a glutton for punishment…

Rob Zombie’s Halloween

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ppsstt. have you heard? Halloween’s on August 31st this year. yup. it’s true. Halloween the movie, that is. Metal rocker turned horror film director Rob Zombie has updated the John Carpenter classic and put his own signature stamp on the story. If you’re a fan of Rob Zombie’s other films like House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, you’re in for a treat with his own take on Halloween. check out the movie trailer up on youtube.

horror flicks involving the spiritual and supernatural like the Exorcist, the Omen and The Ring tend to freak me out more than slasher-films. but Halloween the movie is an exception in my mind. I initially saw the John Carpenter version back in my teens and those intense scenes with Michael Myers going after Jamie Lee Curtis in the house still give me the heebie-jeebies even to this day. In Rob Zombie’s version, a bit more time is spent exploring Michael Myers’ backstory including his parents, his initial killing-spree and his time spent in the asylum. but don’t worry, the movie is still action-packed and turned up to “11″ with more blood, guts and gore than ever before. so get ready to be freaked out in a darkened theater near you starting August 31st.

The Host

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we recently viewed The Host on DVD and i have admit that it exceeded my expectations as a horror film. the horror genre certainly isn’t a personal preference of mine so i wasn’t totally sure if i’d like the flick but since it had been getting a lot of positive buzz and plus the fact that it’s korean got me to place it on top of my netflix queue. the movie starts out a bit like one of those old monster B-movies and suddenly takes off when the creature emerges from the Han river. the well written characters and carefully crafted visuals save the flick from being too campy. there’s no Jerry Bruckheimer style hero to save the day here. just a dim-witted slacker trying to save his daughter from the mutant creature with the aid of his family. i loved the dopey korean humor in the film and the scene of the creature’s initial rampage through the park was a real thrill to watch. The Host gets a big thumbs up from me and i highly recommend that you place it on your queue.


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yes, yes, we’ve all heard over and over that “reality shows” are in fact actually far, far from reality but i still get a bit disappointed in learning how “set-up” some of these shows really are. why even bother labeling some of these shows as “reality” or in the case of Scott Baio is 45 and Single, “celebreality”. when i watched the first episode a couple weeks ago, i was a bit intrigued by the premise. you know, a middle-aged has been working out his inner-demons and making his way toward some sort of personal epiphany. but alas, ’tis not the case here. after watching the fourth episode last night, it’s quite obvious that the bulk of these scenes are scripted or at least pre-planned. it seems everything’s geared toward making this show some sort of career comeback for Baio and his so called friends and C-listers are all along for the ride and TV exposure. turns out Jason Hervey, who appears on the show as one of Baio’s buddies, is actually one of the show’s main producers. on a side note, Hervey’s producing partner is from the TV wrestling world - Eric Bischoff. and what three words are synonymous with TV wrestling? yup, that’s right - FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. at this point, it wouldn’t surprise me if the “villain” on the show, Johnny V. is actually a decent lovable guy in real life. Hervey, Bischoff and Baio probably needed an on-going foil in the storyline and they assigned Johnny V. for the “role”. i mean really, would someone as level-headed as Baio seems to be really have a close friend that constantly acts like a totally self-serving idiotic buffoon?? whatever the case, i now feel that Baio made a bad career decision in signing-off on this “celebreality” show. yes, he’s getting a bunch of press for this show but in the end, it’s going to leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouths and Baio will be left alone and forgotten five minutes after the series finale. sad, sad, sad.

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