the flasher

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finally got rid of my sprint cell phone. i’ve been with sprint since
the late nineties. i like their nationwide coverage and all but i hated
paying the monthly fees especially since i never used enough monthly
minutes to justify the costs. so late last year i decided that either boost mobile or virgin mobile would be the way to go. Simple. No contracts. just pay as yo go. no sweat.
I was leaning more toward boost since they offered WAP capabilities but
they weren’t in my state yet so i waited a while to see if they’d get
their act together and expand to more areas. meanwhile I got Elaine to
switch over from AT&T wireless (horrible wireless service btw) to
virgin mobile earlier in the year and it’s been great. she manages to
stretch $20 over a two month period. not bad. she’s got the audiovox 8610
which isn’t the greatest phone but it does the job. i think that’s the
only downside with virgin is the limited variety of phones as well as
the vanilla-type features offered on the phones i.e. NO WAP. hey but if
that’s what it takes to save a few bucks then i’m game. So, long story
short, boost is planning on expanding to our state next year some time
and i didn’t want to keep my sprint plan that much longer (esp. since
my trusty old cell phone that i’ve dropped on the ground several
hundred times was dying…) SO, i went ahead and got a virgin mobile
phone. it’s an audiovox V7 flasher. yeah, i’m not that fond of the name myself. I take it that flasher
is referring to the camera/flash capabilities of the phone and not the
lowly individual owning the phone. anyway, i’m having some fun
downloading ringtones and taking pix although i’m not planning on doing
too much of that since virgin charges for anything and everything but
again, i’ll still come out ahead in terms of saving some moolaa than if
i stayed with sprint. :) plus, virgin uses the same sprint network so
at least i’m already familiar with where all the dead spots are….

recent DVDs - thumbs up or down?

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update 24aug04

Along Came Polly (Ben Stiller): thumbs up
Shipping News (Kevin Spacey) : thumbs up
Freaky Friday (Lindsay Lohan) : thumbs up sort of..
Pirates of the Caribbean (Johnny Depp) : thumbs up
Unfaithful (Diane Lane) : thumbs up
Matrix ReLoaded : thumbs up
Matrix Revolutions: thumbs way, way down
Badder Santa (Billy Bob Thornton): thumbs, way, way, way, way down

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